2008 Rezone

In the 2008 rezone of the Lettered Streets, Area 9 and parts of Area 3 were changed to Residential Single from Residential Multi. This rezone was spearheaded by the LSNA, at the request of neighborhood residents.

Proposed Rezoning Map

LSNA Letter of Intent – Rezone

LSNA Memo – Rezone

City Staff Survey Tally 11.20.06

LSNA Land Use Survey November ’06

LSN Rezone Map November ’06

Fact Sheet LSNA 10.28.06 1st session

Agenda 2006-10-28 Public Meeting on Area 3 & 9 Rezone

LSNA Land Use Meeting Notice ’06

Lettered Streets to Move Forward On Land Use Proposal

P&GMC Doc for LSNA Board Presentation