LSNA Board

The LSNA Board is a volunteer group elected by the members. They strive to bring neighbors together, provide presentations and events, and keep the Lettered Streets a great place to live!

Chairperson: Liz Darrow, Tara Villalba (2022-2024)
Vice Chair:
Secretary: Natalie Baloy (2023-2024)
Treasurer: Scott Dawson (2023-2024)
Communications: Susan Ryan (2023-2024)

Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Commission Representative: Bri O’Hare (2022-2024)

Area RepresentativesArea map
Area 1: Susan Ryan (2022-2024)
Area 2: Natalie Baloy (2022-2024)
Area 3: Seth Mangold (2020-2024)
Area 4: Vacant

At Large Directors (4 positions total):
Youth: Lucas Darrow (2023-2024)

Area reps can be your voice to the board meetings when you are unable to attend. Contact any members of the board at