Lettered Streets Tree Project

Street trees planted between the sidewalk and curb have amazing effects on a neighborhood including increased property value, reduced storm water runoff, improved air quality, reduced heat during summer months, and shelter for birds and other wildlife. Street trees also help in ways you wouldn’t expect, such as reduced traffic and a safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists.

Here’s a list of potential trees to be planted in 2011…

For all these reasons, the Lettered Streets Neighborhood Association has set a goal to plant 100 street trees throughout our neighborhood over the next 5 years and we’re starting with 20 trees this fall!

Many considerations go in to identifying the ideal spot for street trees, including underground utilities, overhead power lines, soil conditions, and parking strip widths. Each year we plan to have a couple different varieties available for planting. The Lettered Streets Neighborhood Association is actively looking for locations and willing neighbors to plant trees. If you would like to nominate your street for a tree, please visit…


The Lettered Streets Covenant Church, Shannon Neufeld of TheBestofBellingham.com, and the Lettered Streets Neighborhood Association have already sponsored the project and we’re looking for more individuals or businesses that can help. If you or your business would like to make a donation, please email Jim Straatman.

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Lettered Streets Covenant Church

Lettered Streets Neighborhood Association