Wanna get involved?

We need event planners for our summer party!

We are looking for folks to help with the planning and day-of logistics for our annual ice cream social. Do you love party planning, scooping ice cream, or taking photos? Get in touch!

Email us at: lettered.streets@gmail.com

Next Board Meeting:

Tuesday, July 9
6:00 PM 
First Congregational Church – 2401 Cornwall Ave.
Room 11 (basement classroom with stained-glass windows)

Please Note: There will be no programming at this meeting, just general board business. Interested members of the community are always welcome to attend and this is a great way to get involved! If you would like to present to our board, please email us in advance to request time on our agenda.

Check out our new board and our new LSNA by-laws

About the Lettered Streets Neighborhood

The Lettered Streets Neighborhood is situated on the Salish Sea and the ancestral territories of the Lummi and Nooksack peoples. Early white settlers built sawmills near the mouth of Whatcom Creek in the 1850s and established the town of Whatcom, later incorporated into the City of Bellingham in 1903. Forming the first neighborhood in Bellingham, the Lettered Streets were built on bluffs overlooking the mudflats of Bellingham Bay and along the northern shore of Whatcom Creek. Today, the neighborhood has a mix of businesses and offices, schools, small parks, and single family homes and midsize apartment buildings housing over 800 households.

The Lettered Streets Neighborhood Association creates opportunities for shared learning and community building in this place we call home. We aim to build a sense of place and connection in our neighborhood. The board is composed of renters and homeowners spanning multiple generations. All residents within the boundaries of the Lettered Streets Neighborhood are considered members of the Association and are entitled to a voice and vote in organizational matters.

We welcome your participation in our informational meetings and social gatherings. Please contact us anytime at Lettered.Streets@gmail.com.